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Nothing is given. Everything is earned.

The Marpha apple strudel was delicious! Burp! Marpha indeed is the apple capital of Nepal.

Then it’s down to serious business as Team #YOLO2020 plans for the base camps before the summit attempt. Tomorrow we set off from Marpha for camp 1 at 3900m and will plan to acclimatise for 2 nights there. Then we push on to camp 2 at 4500m and the final camp 3 will likely be at 5100m depending on snow conditions.

The weather forecast for Dhampus Peak is strong winds (70km/h!) and freezing cold, going down to minus 44 Celsius. No more signal after tonight.

Nothing is given, everything is earned. Team #YOLO2020 is attempting this winter summit to earn the right for your pledges.


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