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Week 1 - 8 April 2020

Lukla to Pakhding: 7.5 km, 3 hours

Climb 540 floors (average 77 floors per day)

Close your eyes and fly yourself to Lukla, home to the most dangerous airport in the world. 


After surviving the flight from Kathmandu, you will step out of the rickety helicopter/plane with jelly legs, shaken but not stirred, as James Bond will say.  Your nerves will be soothed by the melodious clanging of yak bells as those lumbering beasts walk slowly past, ignoring your stares.

This small town is the starting point of the famous trek to EBC.  It is here that you will also dream of being famous as you follow the foot steps of those brave early explorers. 


As you gather your duffel bags and making sure that your stash of snacks are kept safe from the curious yaks, you look at the beckoning white behemoths called the Himalayas.  You are now ready to Zoom to EBC! starting with 540 floors.

Track the progress of Zoomers here!

ebc map.jpg
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