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#YOLO2020 supports

Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)

as its main beneficiary. 

CAL is dedicated to helping caregivers of persons with mental health issues. More than anyone else, it is caregivers that are always beside their loved ones when they face a mental health challenge – and by being a constant pillar of support, caregivers impart hope for recovery.​

Yet the journey of a caregiver is not easy, and many are prone to succumbing under stress or anxiety to mental health issues of their own. The long years of responsibility can seem to caregivers like insurmountable mountains. As with mountaineers who struggle on, committed to their climb, many caregivers soldier on daily in devotion to their loved ones.

Donate today to support #YOLO2020, and as our team scales the demanding heights of Everest, you will be helping caregivers to face challenging summits of their own. Every dollar will go towards equipping caregivers to better care for their loved ones through training programmes and emotional support.


#YOLO2020 Supports

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